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Hair Colour & Care

Hair Colour & Care

How to Maintain Healthy Hair

The wide range of diversity in hair type, texture, and thickness means that you need to listen to your head of hair to help it shine and grow healthy.

Use Lukewarm Water

One of our most basic hair care tips is to use lukewarm water , the high temperature strips your body’s essential oils, making your hair drier, duller, and more prone to frizz and breakage.

Shampoo Your Scalp

Only apply shampoo to your scalp, where your hair oil production and dead skin cells are concentrated. If you wash any lower, you will dry out your hair too much and lose the moisture necessary to keep your hair’s vitality.

Condition Hair Ends

Apply Conditioner only to the ends of your hair,  keep your hair light and bouncy by using combing your hair ends as you apply your conditioner.

Comb Wet Hair

Use a wide-toothed comb for wet and damp hair! Your hair is more vulnerable to breakage when it’s stretched out from retaining water. Carefully and gently work away at your hair tangles and remove broken hair strands.

Use Heat Protection

It is a good way using a heat-protective spray on your hair before using hot tools like blow dryers and straightening and curling irons.

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